Stray Cat Mama Leads Woman Who Fed Her To New Baby Kittens

stray cat kittens

This woman’s relationship with a stray cat reminds us that you are always rewarded when you are a helper.

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Shea Prior is that helper, and she noticed a stray cat spending time in her backyard. As time progressed, the cat became more comfortable around Prior and eventually allowed Prior to feed her.

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Through those feeding times, Prior noticed the cat was lactating. However, in the days she spent with the cat, Prior never saw kittens.

One day, mama cat decided it was time for the big introduction. She came out to Prior and called her kittens to come out from behind her. Prior was officially welcomed into the family.

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In honor of mama cat’s unique meow, Prior named her “Cricket.”

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The cat family was carefully watched over until the kittens became old enough to be separated from their mother Additionally, Prior set up a gofundme to support their vet bills. The fundraiser exceeded its $1,000 goal by nearly $2,000, which was donated to Save A Stray.

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As of May 11, 2020, all five kittens were adopted. And sweet Miss Cricket became an official member of the Prior home.

For anyone that finds themselves in Prior’s situation, there are a few tips on how to best interact with a feral cat. The most important is to allow the cat to get used to your presence, just like Prior did. Start by offering a bowl of dry food and allowing the cat to eat it while you are away. Continue this method until the cat allows you to get closer, then you can quietly talk. Don’t rush – allow the cat to establish trust on its own timeline. Once trust is established, you are best equipped to help the cat.