College Student Discovers Parents Secretly Gave Away Childhood Cat After Leaving For School

This story is going to make everyone mad, but it’s especially going to make cat lovers mad.

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Redditor nexerxe shared how their parents gave away their cat, Spotty, while they were away at college.

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They titled their post “Meet Spotty. My parents gave her away without telling me, so I hunted her down, and with the help of friends and kind internet strangers I adopted her today!”

Spotty stayed with nexerxe’s parents during their first year of college, due to the common “no pets” rule on-campus living often abides by. Within two months, Spotty was gone and nexerxe’s mother refused to say where the cat went.

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They admitted their father was emotionally abusive and their mother always covered for him and prevented her child from getting help. When they were 16 years old, their parents allowed them to adopt Spotty.

“The only thing I had was my cat,” nexerxe said in the post. “I moved out when I was 18 to get away from the abuse, and accepted that I would have to fully support myself in a town where I knew no one and had no job.”

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Both parents agreed to take care of the cat during the first year of school, with the understanding that nexerxe would take Spotty in their second year. Instead, they reneged on the agreement and caused their child a whole lot of emotional trauma.

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To get Spotty back, they even had to set up a GofundMe campaign just to get their own cat back.

Called “Re-Adopt Spotty,” the campaign’s goal was $150 and has received $455 as of this writing.

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This whole situation is beyond heartbreaking and we are thrilled Spotty is back home.