Couple Creates DIY “Doggie-Vator” Stairlift For Their Elderly Rescue Pugs

Pet people will do just about anything to make their animals live happier, healthier lives. Whether you’ve got one pampered pooch living it up on his own orthopedic mattress or six cats crawling across a series of custom made climbing shelves, it’s just the way it goes. They’re members of the family, and you have to do what you have to do in order to make them feel as comfortable and safe as anyone else.

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One pug-loving couple experienced this firsthand when they decided to use lockdown to put together an actual doggy stairlift for their elderly rescue pups.

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Sonya Karimi and Zach Grate have a lot of space for their four precious dogs, but one of the older dogs, Bodhi, had been struggling with a torn ACL that hadn’t been treated by the time they adopted him.

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This, along with the fact that two of their other dogs are also on the older side, contributed to the idea to make getting up and down those pesky stairs a little easier for the pups.

The doggy stairlift takes its inspiration from those created for elderly humans — you sit down in a chair at the bottom of the stairs, and it runs along a track, slowly and safely taking you up to the top.

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Sonya and Zach’s version also includes a little ramp that hooks around the corner and takes lets the doggos get right to the ground rather than having to do any jumping at all.

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And the pups have taken to this new convenience quite well.

“They’ve adapted to it so quickly, I thought I’d have to train them for awhile to get used to it but they just get on it as if they’ve had it for years!” Sonya told the Daily Mail. “The two older pugs love it especially — they won’t use the stairs, they will sit there and wait until the ride is ready for them and it’s so cute.”

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The clever humans built the lift with the help of Zach’s parents, retired engineers who are staying with them during the pandemic.

Next, Sonya says she plans to paint the lift like famous streetcars in New Orleans, where they live.

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“If you’re not a pet person you might think it’s crazy but our dogs are like our children so we’re willing to do anything we can to make their lives easier,” she said.

All dogs should be so lucky!