There’s An Elephant Baby Boom Going On, So 2020 Isn’t All Bad

Could a baby elephant boom be the one good thing that comes out of 2020? Most likely, and we are going to soak it up as long as we can.

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But before we get too excited… we need to know why all these elephants got frisky around the same time.

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The culprits are apparently heavy rainfall and humans keeping out of elephants’ business. With COVID-19 limited travel, there are less of those pesky tourists cockblocking those pachyderms.

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Rainfall is also important to mating season, as elephants are less likely to mate during droughts. With heavy rain, there is more than enough food resources for their babies, which helps explain the boom.

Kenya’s Amboseli National Park saw 140 elephants born so far in 2020, with hope for more on the way.

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Since 1989, elephant populations have been growing. In fact, numbers have more than doubled, especially as nations have started to crack down on poaching. This is only good news for elephants — and us.