19 People Share The Wholesome, Kind, And Life-Saving Things Their Pets Have Done For Them

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There’s nothing better in this world than a pet. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal we’re talking about, they’re all treasures too good for this world even on their worst days.

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And on their best days, that’s something else entirely. Dogs can rescue you from danger, cats can curl up and keep you company when you’re sick, and apparently, even little reptiles can provide comfort when it’s needed the most.

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In honor of our furry and scaly friends, Redditors are sharing the kindest things their pets have done for them, and if you’re an animal lover, some of the responses are sure to bring back fond memories of your own.


My hat flew off once and Porky the Pug went to pick it up for me. He failed, but at least he tried.



My gecko pinky licked my face when I was sad and laid his head on my finger.

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My dog brought me his favourite toy and laid it on my lap when I was sad, and curled up next to me.



My cat stayed In bed with me the entire time I had COVID. I was shocked because he’s usually an asshole.



One time when my bf and I were pretend fighting my bf’s dog kept trying to get in the middle of it and kiss us trying to get us to make up. He’s so precious I love him.

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My dog had to pee in the middle of the night and he did it in the bathtub instead of on the floor. I thought that was really sweet.

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My older cat can pull me out of a panic attack, and has for every single one she was around for. Nothing else has ever been able to do that before.



When my dad had a heart attack our Border Collie/Hound dog mix would not leave his side and even kept jumping in the ambulance while they were working on him.



My cat came and sat on top of my (very badly) twisted right ankle. The warmth and purring and pressure felt so comforting.

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I had a parrot and got dumped by this girl and was heartbroken…That bird flew down to my bed, ran up my arm and started giving me kisses and wouldn’t stop till I broke out laughing then it joined me.

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My cat was trying to find a comfy place to sleep next to me. She was ‘making biscuits’ in one spot then decided she wanted to move over a bit. After ten minutes she had done a great job of tucking me in.



I was in a bad state and was crying a lot. Suddenly my baby turtle climbs on my feet and keeps staring at me. I then pick him up and keep him in my lap, he still keeps staring. I begin to laugh and then he basically puts his head in his shell and sleeps lol.

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When I was a baby my aunt was on her phone not paying attention at all and baby me was crawling on our deck and then all of a sudden I fell into the pool my dog Zoie saw and began to bark like crazy until my aunt came over and saw me drowning.



When I was pregnant my cat would just lay across my belly, he started this before I even knew that I was pregnant. Every once in a while he would lick my stomach. When I miscarried he moved up to my chest and would lay his head right over my heart.

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My dog had been taught to shake. So when I held out my hand with the intention of giving myself another round of scars she did what she was trained to do and put her paw in my hand. I’ve never harmed myself since. I think she saved my life.



My dog legitimately saved my life. Long story short I was 11 and walking him along the road. Me not paying attention didn’t see/hear the car coming at me around 60mph cresting the hill. He pulled on the leash so hard I fell over. The car missed by a few inches.

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My mom had died two nights before and for some reason, I thought it was a good idea to sleep on the bathroom floor with no covers no pillows. My cat scratched on the door to come in with me and slept on my legs all night and kept me warm. Never did sleep with me before or since.



I was giving [my pet rat] a small piece of carrot as a treat, and she was so excited that she missed the carrot and barely put her teeth on my finger instead, she didn’t bite down or anything, but I guess she realized that she almost bit me, so she then proceeded to lick my finger instead, like she was apologizing for almost biting me.

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I was going through a bad break-up and had all the classic heartbreak signs: loss of appetite, bad sleeping patterns, lethargy. If I fell asleep on the couch, my dog would (try to) pull a blanket off the back of the couch over me. If I didn’t eat, she would either drag me to her full bowl or wake me up by dropping kibble on me. If I slept too long, she would drop toys on my face. Up to and including her favorite Chewing Rock. Which was a fist-sized rock she liked to chew on.